China Deploys Anal Swab Tests To Detect High-Risk Covid-19 Cases

China Deploys Anal Swab Tests To Detect High-Risk Covid-19 Cases

Ok, that is a well-known test used by the Chinese – in just a few steps:
1. Shove the swab in the anal hole
2. Turn it clockwise 3 times
3. Pull it off
4. Insert into mouth
5. If no taste or smell you are COVID_19 POSITIVE
6. If you gag and vomit..repeat steps 1 to 5 – authorities have to be sure you are not really, really sick cause you are vomiting

By Robert Hart

As Chinese authorities struggle to contain rising Covid-19 infections ahead of the Lunar New Year celebrations, Beijing has introduced anal swabs as a new type of coronavirus test that could detect the virus more accurately.

China has been willing to take extreme measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 in its borders, locking down entire cities or even provinces to contain outbreaks, quarantining new arrivals for lengthy periods of time and there are reports of forced testing. The approach appears to have been been largely successful, however, and the world’s most populous country has managed to avoid the high caseloads and death tolls seen in other other nations. Life in Wuhan, where the virus was first detected just over a year ago, is largely back to normal. Cases have started to rise again and authorities are mounting a desperate bid to contain outbreaks and vaccinate millions ahead of the upcoming Lunar New Year, where millions are expected to travel across the country. 

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